Lil' Dipper Gauge water and septic gauges

Lil’ Dipper Gauge is designed to measure the level of the liquid in water and sewage holding tanks that measure up to 8 feet deep -No power - No wiring - Simple to install - Easy to use -Works year round

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About Us

Lil Dipper gauge has been working flawlessly for more than 15 years. It is manufactured by Ken Kines to solve the problem of accurately measuring the liquid levels of water and septic storage tanks.  Throw away the dip stick that you have been using to check your water and septic tanks and rely solely on the Lil Dipper Gauge. The gauge will give you an accurate, real time measurement of the liquid in the tank everytime.

Talk to us about how easy it is to install the Lil Dipper into your water or septic tanks. Dial 306-631-9221 to reach us today! 

Our Product

Lil Dipper Gauge saves time and headaches. Accurate to within 1-inch. It's a tool you don't want to be without!

When the button on the Lil’ Dipper Gauge is pressed a pump pushes pressurized air through the tubing to expel all the water from it.

The pressure needed to completely expel the water is the same as the water pressure at the bottom of the tank

The gauge on the Lil’ Dipper will read the pressure in inches of water, which is the same as the depth of the water in the tank.

Accuracy of the gauge will be within 1” of a manual measurement

Once the needle on the gauge stops release the button and an accurate measurement can be seen.

Once all the water is expelled the reading on the gauge will not change.

Select a place to mount the gauge (Part A). The plastic tubing (Part B) connects from the gauge to a fitting installed in the tank so be sure to select a location with an acceptable route between the two. If there is not enough tubing supplied in the kit additional tubing can be purchased either directly from Lil Dipper Gauge or from your local hardware store. Note: Additional length to tubing will slow the operation of readings but accuracy will not be affected. There is no limit to the length of tubing that can be used.

Guage Location
Indoor: Suggestions include inside a structure (house, garage, shed) near the tank.

Outdoors If mounted outside the Lil Dipper Gauge housing and tubing need to be protected from the elements and direct sunlight. Prolong exposure to these will quickly shorten the life expectancy of the unit. Suggestions include an exterior wall, post, or tree located near the tank.

Step 1 - Mount the gauge (Part A) at a comfortable height to be easily read. Drill two 1/4 holes and install the plastic inserts (Part G) then use the screws to mount the gauge case using 2 screws through the exterior mounting flanges to the supporting structure. The gauge has been designed so that the tubing can enter from the bottom or from the back if tubing has been concealed within the mounting wall. Attach the tubing to the inside of the gauge as shown.

Step 2 - The tubing (Part B) must be mounted so that it continuously slopes towards the tank. Any loops or rises in the tubing can cause traps that can collect condensation that can lead to false readings. The outdoor section of the tubing can be buried underground If the tubing will be run under lawns bury it deep enough that the tubing will not be punctured or severed when aerating the grass. Similarly if passing under flowerbeds and gardens bury the tubing to a depth that it will not be damaged by tilling.

Step 3 - The tubing enters the tank through a small hole drilled into the riser above the tank. We have provided a masonry bit (Part F) to drill concrete tanks. The entry point is ideally located on the riser on the closest side where the water truck (or septic truck if installed on a septic system) park. This will help reduce risk of tubing being damaged by large hoses entering the tank. Use the right angle tubing connector (Part C) to keep the tubing as close to the one wall as possible. We suggest that the tubing gets sleeved with ½” PVC pipe to the base of the tank to prevent damage from septic hoses. Cut a slot in the base of PVC pipe for the ¼” tubing to be brought out. This will eliminate the tubing from being sucked into the septic truck hose.

Step 4 - Attach the ¼” Tee and adaptor (Part D) to the bottom end of the vertical run of tubing inside the tank. The vertical length of the tubing inside the tank should be long enough to reach from the right angle connector (Part C) entering the tank to the bottom of the tank with approximately 2” slack. The tubing should not be allowed to coil on the bottom of the tank.

Step 5 - Seal the opening where the tubing enters the tank riser with exterior grade non-hardening sealant such as black roofing cement.

Step 6 - By removing the 4 screws to release the front cover. Install the two supplied AA batteries into the gauge housing and reinstall the out cover.

Step 7 - Install the supplied Label sticker (Part H) on the outside of the gauge housing and label which tank the gauge is attached to. A) If gauge is used for water storage tank fill in the maximum level of water to fill the tank  with out overflowing (this information can be supplied by the tank manufacture or measured by  a rod lowered into the tank) and the minimum amount of water in the tank when it needs to be  refilled.
B) If gauge is used for septic storage fill in the maximum level the tank can be filled (this information can be supplied by the tank manufacture or measured by a rod lowered into the tank) without overflowing.
C) Readings of the Lil Dipper Gauge should be accurate to within 1” of a manual reading.

To use the Lil Dipper Gauge simple press and hold the button located on the top of the gauge housing. You will hear a slight buzzing sound as the gauge takes it reading. Watch the needle on the gauge. If there is product in the tank the needle will rise until it stops moving. Once it has stopped release the button and note the reading on the gauge. The gauge will tell you the level of the contents of the tank in inches. Over the next several minutes the gauge will slowly return to zero. To take another reading simply repeat the process.

Lil Dipper Gauge is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period on one year from date of purchase. Before returning for warranty please contact Lil Dipper Gauge at (306) 631-9221 to receive an authorization number. When returning for warranty only the gauge and gauge housing are needed. The tubing and ¼” Tee and adapter do not need to be returned. Customer is responsible for shipping to the manufacture. Be sure to include your address, proof of purchase and telephone number and or email address where you can be reached. We will repair or replace the gauge and pay for shipping to return the Lil Dipper Gauge to you. Damage caused by misuse or modification by consumer will not be warranted.

This gauge has paid for itself in less than 3 months simply by knowing when to call for a pump out rather than a scheduled appointment.

This was the best investment I have made in a long time. My wife knows exactly how much is in the septic tank and dipping a stick is a thing of the past. Certainly makes knowing when to call for a pump out much easier.

Unit works and is as accurate as they claim.

The Lil Dipper Gauge is a very nice looking instrument, we have it installed in our attached garage but it wouldn’t be out of place anywhere in the house. It works and looks great.

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